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Returning Citizens Facing Homelessness in Davidson County

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Kalvin served his 25-year sentence honorably. Yet, with a release date set, Kalvin became more and more anxious about what his life would look like once he passed through the gate into freedom from the now-familiar routine life of an inmate. Where would he sleep, find food, and work? But one thing troubled him the most; he owned no clothing other than the state-issued white uniform that was nearly threadbare and the dirty, worn-out shoes that covered his feet. No coat, no dress shirt, or nice slacks that he felt sure he would need if he were ever going to be able to find a job.

Kalvin shared his fears in a letter to a DPM volunteer that organized an effort and provided him with a complete set of clothing on the day before his release. The ministry was also able to provide vouchers for a week's stay at a local hotel and food from a local restaurant.

Kalvin's story has a happy ending, and when he shares it, he thanks DPM for giving him the dignity and confidence he needed during his first days of life as a free man.

Your support of our Reentry Program helps DPM provide supportive services for returning citizens during their very critical first days of life beyond the razor wire!